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When you are troubled with sexual problems, think no more for we are here to solve all your male sexual problems. With the Best Male Sexologist in Pune, Mumbai, all your troubles and Male Sex Problems will be gone naturally in no time. We know, it is not considered healthy to talk about sexual problems or your sexual desires in India. This society still considers sexual topics to be a taboo and hence you are not eager to get your sexual life flow smoothly in the way that you always wanted to but you could never explore. Exploring your sexual desires, solving your sexual problems, and having a happy sexual life with your partner is nothing wrong.

These are the general aspects of a person’s life just like other medical or pathological conditions. Just like any other health disease, when you freely visit a doctor, discuss your problems, take medication and counseling, and get healed. Similarly, for sexual health feel free to come to us at Vedsuman Clinic for Best Sexual Treatment in Pune, Mumbai, and get the top services. Visit Dr. Sanjay Erande, the leading Sex Doctor in Pune, Mumbai, discuss whatever problem you have, why are you not satisfied, if you any desire, if you have any discomfort and anything more, we are more than ready to help you out.

Dr. Sanjay Erande is a top Sex Doctor in Pune, Mumbai who has specialized in the treatment of all male sexual problems, its causes, and treatments including low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of arousal, pain during sex, delayed ejaculation, low libido, penis enlargement, low motility, orgasmic disorder, dissimilar preferences, and many more.

  • Low Libido or Low Sex Drive- When a man faces less or no sexual desire where the man no longer wishes to initiate sex and faces arousal problems, it is called low sex drive. Reduced sexual desire in a man for a long time can lead to loss of sexual desire in your partner as well.
  • Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence ED- It can occur when you are unable to maintain an erection satisfactorily for a sufficient time for intercourse.
  • Delayed or Premature Ejaculation PE- This is the problem that occurs when a man ejaculates at the wrong time for some reason.

We provide the best PE/ED treatment, from top Sex Doctor in Pune, Mumbai.

  • Prolonged Erection – It happens when blood gets trapped in the blood vessels of the penis and cannot circulate. This can be serious and hence needs to be treated immediately.
  • Nightfall- This occurs when a man faces involuntary/uncontrolled ejaculation of semen due to erotic and arousing dreams and is commonly known as night discharge or night ejaculation.
  • Infertility- Male infertility is the clinical condition that decreases the chances of his female partner to conceive. It could be due to a variety of physical or psychological factors and other medical conditions. No matter whatever the reason, we have solutions to everything.
  • Low Sperm Count and Motility- One of the major reasons for infertility are less sperm count and less sperm motility. A low amount of sperm can be produced by a man due to various medical reasons. Producing sperm with less motility which is technically termed as asthenospermia means sperms are unable to move efficiently through the vaginal passage.
  • Masturbation Addiction- Masturbation is safe to pleasure oneself and is a normal activity but if you get addicted to it, doing it excess will affect your health and sexual life.
  • Balanitis- It is the inflammation of the foreskin or head of the penis which is observed usually in uncircumcised men due to some infection, poor skin maintenance, harsh soap, no hygiene, or skin disorder.
  • Phimosis and Paraphimosis- This is a condition occurring mostly in uncircumcised children in which they have tight foreskin that behaves like an elastic band and cannot be pulled back over the head of the penis. It can happen due to infection in the glans penis or foreskin or affected due to diabetes. Complications can involve bleeding, painful urination, and many more troubles.
  • Varicocele- It occurs due to poor functioning of valves in the blood vessels or compression by the surrounding structures due to which the blood vessels enlarge and is called Varicocele. It is one of the main causes of infertility as it leads to low sperm count, less sperm motility, and so on.
  • Penis Enlargement- When you are not comfortable with your penis size, we will help you through our penis enlargement treatment to solve your problem so that you feel confident and satisfied during sex.

Sexual dysfunction in male has several causes behind them. It can be for factors like alcoholism, smoking, anxiety, depression, fatigue, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stress, hormonal problems, poor sexual history, use of drugs, relationship problems, lack of testosterone, and many more. Similar to women, men face a lot of mental issues related to sex as well as anxiety, performance-related stress, and many more.

With the Best Sex Doctor in Pune, Mumbai, we not only assure you medication but also any associated counseling or exercise or any preventive measures that you can take to get a wonderful sexual life that you can only imagine. Sexual dysfunction can have a variety of physical and psychological factors affecting it. The more you ignore the sexual problems, the more you are ignoring your total health in general. Hence approach us to the top Sex Specialist in Pune, Mumbai without any doubt at and feel free to interact with us.

It is not a shame for men to be shy about their problems, to be unhappy with your sex life and performance. For all these, we provide the Best Sex Treatment in Pune, Mumbai, and care to all other problems. These are long-lasting, effective with no side-affects and hence you have an absolutely safe platform for you to get treated. If you do not know, we know how much sexual life can be a factor for a happy and healthy relationship between you and your partner. Not only do we provide you complete privacy about any information you share, but we would also be friendly without any judgment about your issues. With increased satisfaction and pleasure, your life will change like never before. You will have a strong relationship with your partner.

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