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Farewell to Your Female Sexual Problems

Say goodbye to all your female sexual problems with the Best Sexologist in Pune, Mumbai. With the complexities in a woman’s life, they similarly face complex Female Sexual Problems which only a professional can help to solve. Every woman is unique with their own set of problems beliefs, requirements and desires. Behind every problem they face in their sexual life there are variety if physical, mental and social factors. Hence for every issue that you face, no matter if the society considers it a taboo, feel free to visit us at Vedsuman Men & Women's clinic.

Dr. Kalpana Erande, the Best Female Sexologist in Pune, Mumbai, at Vedsuman Men & Women's clinic, gives you a comfortable, confidential, and secured platform to share your female sexual problems with a Female Sexologist. Dr. Kalpana Erande is the Best Female Sexologist in Pune, Mumbai whom you will be glad to meet. Specializing in the field of female sexual health, she is professional yet considerate and understanding. She would listen and treat all your problems without judgment and provide you with the Top Female Sexual Treatment in Pune near Mumbai in Vedsuman Clinic.

Get yourself healed under a professional Dr. Kalpana Erande, Best Sex Doctor in Pune, Mumbai who is highly specialized in this field. She would provide you complete privacy about every detail you share. Most of the women due to exposure to pornography face insecurities about their bodies. They have low self-esteem, self-consciousness, poor body image and low confidence. There are various other psychological factors that needs to be treated and counselled. For all this, you have a one-stop solution to all your issues.

Our services are not limited to medication but also exercises, yoga, various advices on lifestyle modifications, and last but not the least, counselling by the professional herself helps you morally. We consider and deal every issue of female sex life while maintaining maximum confidentiality as the most of ladies do not approach doctors out of shyness for Female Sexual Problems/Treatment. We at Vedsuman help to relieve all your anxiety and stress and anything related to sex to help you establish a fruitful relationship between the partners.

Some common female sexual issues we treat in Vedsuman are listed below. For all these problems and many more similar stuffs, we promise the Best Sexual Problem Treatment in Mumbai.

  • Sexual dysfunction - When you are having consistent disorders regarding sexual behavior, response, desire, orgasm, and painful sex, these are the primary symptoms of female sexual dysfunction. The following are usually behind sexual dysfunction in females:
  • Insufficient correct information regarding sexual and social interaction among partners
  • Scared, unconscious, guilty or anxiety regarding sex
  • Performance related stress or anxiety
  • Low sexual desire in sexual partner for a long time
  • Communication failure between sexual partners
  • Decreased Sexual Desire- When a lady no longer wishes to have sex or your sexual desire has decreased significantly, it is called low sex drive. It can affect a woman at any point of her life like menopause, pregnancy, after delivery, old age, and so on. Other reasons include consumption of alcohol, smoking, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, fatigue, hormonal disorders, and certain drugs.
  • Substance/Medication Induced Sexual Disorder- When a previous drug causes a reduction in desire for sex or other sexual disorders like SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) used for treating depression.
  • Orgasm and Arousal Disorders- You might face problems regarding arousal even after proper sexual stimulation by your partner or orgasm. It is termed arousal disorder. Orgasmic disorder occurs when you have normal sexual desire, get aroused but cannot have an orgasm.
    Majority of the women are not even aware of what orgasm or arousal is. Deficiency of knowledge and not getting satisfied by the partner are the main causes of these disorders.
  • Pain During Sex- Dyspareunia can happen to any woman due to several medical factors like vaginismus, vaginitis, cervicitis, endometriosis or any other infection in the vaginal tracts.
  • Vaginismus- When the muscles around the vaginal opening of a women contracts involuntarily without any abnormality in genital organs making sexual penetration painful, it is called vaginismus. One of the psychological factors behind this could be the fear of getting hurt during sex.
  • Genital Cutting or Mutilation - When a woman has undergone cutting or injury or genital changes without any medical reason, it is called Female Genital Mutilation. They often face reduced sexual desire as well as orgasmic or arousal or pleasure disorder.
  • Sex After Menopause/Vaginal Dryness- Sex after menopause gets painful or less pleasurable in most women due to the drying of the vagina. As the female hormones namely progesterone and oestrogen get reduced, the lubricating fluids in the vagina are affected.
  • Infertility- Infertility that is the incapability of a woman to conceive which can be due to variety of factors. We treat any kind of Infertility even if you have given up on having a child after all your efforts.
  • PCOD- Polycystic ovary disorder caused mainly due to unhealthy habits is found among the juveniles now leading to irregular menstruation or excess male hormones.
  • Breast Lifting/ Breast Reshaping/Breast Enlargement/Non-surgical Breast enhancement- It is natural if you are not satisfied with your breasts. So, we provide treatment so that you get fuller, firmer breasts or breasts of your desirable shape without surgeries.
  • Tightening of Vagina- It is okay if you are embarrassed with your loose vagina, we can make it tighter through our non-surgical and safe methods.
  • Vaginal Itching- Vaginal itching can be due to certain factors like minor or major infection, menopause transition, irritating chemicals, STDS, or any other similar disorders which can be very irritating and sometimes painful too when it spreads.

These are some very ordinary problems and can occur in any lady no matter what her age is, or sexual orientation like bisexual, lesbian or any other. Not only sexual problems, issues related to their body or figure which makes them feel shy like small breasts, saggy breasts, breast enlargement, breast tightening, loose vagina, tightening vagina, and so on are also treated here. Through non-surgical methods, we help you to sculpt your body/physic. and provide Breast Lifting and Breast Reshaping or Non-surgical Breast enhancement as already told.
Some of the other problems we deal with include Maintaining Safe Sexual Practices to prevent STDs, Adolescents Sex Education for teenagers to have safe sex life, Menopausal Sexual Reorientation for Couples, Counselling About Sexual Orientation, and many more. Counseling by a professional play a crucial part in the treatment of all sexual problems. Here you get counselled in a proper and friendly manner.

Rest assured about best services in Vedsuman Men & Women's Clinic for she is the Best Sexologist in Pune, Mumbai. Since ayurvedic medications and treatment has no side effects, it will cause you no further damage while healing your sexual health and changing your life forever for the greater good. Now we provide to you the facility of Online Consultation services. You can consult us online from anywhere around the World or India at the comfort of your home and then get our best and tested Ayurvedic medicines delivered at your footstep.


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